29. júna 2012

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

"The most amazing thing about this partnership was to be able to create modern products, with very high quality, for affordable prices" - VIVIENNE WESTWOOD.

For more than three decades Vivienne Westwood has forged her way into the hearts, minds and purses of fashionistas across the globe.  Now she has found a place within melissa's collections, with the collaboration commencing in 2008 and continuing through to 2012.

Westwood has created (at last count) 21models through her Anglomania brand exclusively for melissa.  Some are new designs whilst others are a re-birth in plastic of her previous leather designs.  Just as Westwood lends her Anglomania designs to melissa ... melissa returns in kind with Westwood doing her own take on the cult melissa 'ultragirl' slipper.

Westwood's trademark practicality is a faultless match for melissa's injected thermoplastic.  "This technique guarantees perfect shapes without interweaves as we see in fabrics ..." says the designer herself.  In Anglomania all of Westwood's quintessential Englishness and unabashed historicism loans itself neatly to her creations for melissa's collection.  Her designs are unquestionably British, undeniably feminine and fearlessly non-conformist.  melissa renowned for its innovation and boldness seems the ideal fit for this enviable brand extension.  Indeed, as Westwood once likened fashion to a baby that she had picked up and never put down melissa is precisely that for many devotees.

Westwood is an institution, now the esteemed matriarch counts the melissa brand as a part of her monarchy.

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